Bathing & Washing Water Quality

Drinking Symphony Water


Delicious Drinking Water Drinking water shouldn't feel like a chore. Many people don't enjoy the taste of their unfiltered tap water, which is understandable. Once you realize how many contaminants are in tap water, you'll probably never want to drink it again either! With Symphony Drinking Water, you can fully enjoy drinking water from [...]

Bathing with Symphony Water


Bathe in Water You Love Bathing with Symphony Water is a life-changing experience! You'll never want to go back to bathing in unfiltered water. Common city water additives like Chlorine and Chloramine can dry and damage your skin, nails, and hair. Filtering out these and other contaminants makes bathing so much better. Your [...]

Washing with Symphony Water


Clean Laundry Made Easy Do your clothes seem to wear out faster than they should? Is your washing machine showing premature signs of wear? Washing your clothing in filtered water can address both of these problems! Abrasive water additives like Chlorine and Chloramine break down your clothing and washing appliances more rapidly. Filtering out [...]

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