Clean Laundry Made Easy

Do your clothes seem to wear out faster than they should? Is your washing machine showing premature signs of wear? Washing your clothing in filtered water can address both of these problems! Abrasive water additives like Chlorine and Chloramine break down your clothing and washing appliances more rapidly. Filtering out these chemicals and other contaminants helps you to have an overall better washing experience.

Better Tasting Food

Wash your produce in water that doesn’t detract from the tastiness and texture of your food!

Fresher Clothing & Linens

Clothing and linens washed in filtered water come out noticeably fresher. Goodbye odors!

Save Money & the Planet

Save money & the planet by extending the life of your clothing and appliances at the same time.

Introducing the Symphony Whole House Water Filtration System

Customize your water experience!  Each stage of filtration can be tailored and adjusted to your preferences and to target specific contaminants present in your water. Symphony systems regularly address:

Chlorine & Chloramine

Bacteria, Mold, & Algae

Viruses & Fungi


Pesticides & Herbicides

Unpleasant Tastes & Odors

Sediment & Particulates

Hard Water Scale

Water Contaminants that Affect Washing

Chlorine & Chloramine

Chlorine and Chloramine are common city water additives. These additives help keep the water safe to drink while it is in transit to your house, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t filter them out to improve your water quality. Chlorine dries out skin, hair, nails,  and appliance seals. It can leave your clothes feeling scratchy and rough because it breaks down the fibers in your clothing, which means you’ll have to replace your wardrobe more frequently than you’d like.  Avoid the hassle of Chlorine damaged clothing and appliances with a Symphony Chlorine & Chloramine filter!


Sediments are fine particulates of earth that can wreak havoc on your infrastructure and washing appliances. When sediments are not effectively removed from your water, your washing machine, water heater, pipes, and dishwasher can become clogged. These sediments will make your water feel grainy, and it will be difficult to wash much of anything with this water. Symphony sediment control filters can help!


Corrosive water conditions are a common issue in untreated household water. Corrosion occurs when your water is slightly acidic, so it reacts with the metals in your house’s piping infrastructure. Corrosion that isn’t addressed eventually leads to appliance and plumbing failure. Common signs of corrosion are rusty or dirty-looking water, rust staining on clothing or appliances, undesirable tastes and odors, sediments and particulates, and leaking pipes, appliances, or fixtures. Avoid the hassle and unnecessary expense of repairing damage from corrosive water by installing a Symphony Scale & Corrosion Control filter!

Hard Water Scale

Hard water scale is formed when the minerals in your water react with the soap that you use in your home, and it creates an unappealing white, crusty film that coats water-bearing surfaces. This chemical reaction reduces the effectiveness of your soap. Over time, scale can damage and completely obstruct your pipes, which can reduce water flow throughout your home and lead to costly repairs. Prevent this damage with a Symphony Scale & Corrosion Control cartridge! This cartridge conditions your water and prevents damage from scale and corrosion in your pipes and appliances. **Please note that this cartridge is a water conditioner, NOT a water softener.