Protect Yourself & The Planet

Your water should taste good. It should also feel good to bathe in! Unfortunately, Earth’s water has become very polluted over the last century, and it will continue to become more and more contaminated in the coming decades. Disposable plastic waste is one of the largest issues facing this and future generations, and one of the best ways you can help save the environment is to limit your plastic consumption as much as possible. Why not filter your water instead of buying disposable plastic water bottles? Symphony Water filters only need to be replaced annually, and they can save you a large sum of money and time while also reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills and the ocean. Go Green, Choose Symphony! 

Ditch Bottled Water for Good

When you can customize the taste of the water that comes from your tap, you’ll never want to drink from a disposable water bottle again! Love your water in every way. Reduce your environmental footprint.

Optimize Your Personal Care 

Enjoy reducing the number of products you use because the water you are using isn’t damaging your skin and hair. This will greatly reduce the amount of plastic bottles and waste going into landfills.

Reduce Your Clothing Waste

Clothing and linens washed in filtered water are noticeably fresher. They also last much longer because the filtered water doesn’t destroy the fibers of the clothing. Reduce your clothing waste and save money!

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Increase your home’s energy efficiency by preventing corrosion and hard water scale from forming in your water heater and piping infrastructure. This will also help your appliances to last longer and reduce your environmental impact.

Go Green – Choose Symphony!

Customize your water experience!  Each stage of filtration can be tailored and adjusted to your preferences and to target specific contaminants present in your water. Symphony systems regularly address:

Chlorine & Chloramine

Bacteria, Mold, & Algae

Viruses & Fungi


Pesticides & Herbicides

Unpleasant Tastes & Odors

Sediment & Particulates

Hard Water Scale